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What exactly should you write in that thank you email after a phone interview? If you’re dusting off your job search skills and find yourself stumped when it comes to choosing the most effective language, keep reading.

I’m about to share the exact language I used in a thank you email after a phone interview to secure a 6-figure job offer. Granted, this was years ago. And it was a thank you card rather than an email. But besides those small details, the heart of the gesture remains the same.

When To Send a Thank You Email After a Phone Interview

With any follow up, timing is important. There are two…

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Let’s talk about the power of language.

We’re all looking for massive success in life. But while some have cracked the code, others are left confused and lagging in the dust.

Indulge me for a moment and let your mind wander to your last dental visit. I can see you now. Seated in the center of a sterile room. A dental assistant wraps a smock around your neck and preps you for the dentist. An exam light shines in your eyes and a suction valve is lodged in the corner of your mouth. “Central incisor, molar, inferior 2, 5.


Working from home, at least part-time, has been routine for many of us during the pandemic.

Whether you’ve carved out a tiny corner of your apartment or you have a dedicated room, it can be challenging to stay focused and productive when distractions are everywhere.

Use these work from home guidelines with some of our favorite product recommendations to help keep you on task.

Functional & Fabulous Furniture

You don’t have to settle for unattractive, commercial-style ergonomic furniture for your home office.

Consider this stylish adjustable standing desk from Jarvis’ award winning line. Choose one with casters for portability.

And thanks to designer Laura…

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A shift to online work has sparked a great migration among the young and upwardly mobile.

Which has many begging the question:

Where are millennials moving?

Just a few short weeks ago, the answer to that question might have been San Francisco or New York. But today, New York isn’t even in the top twenty-five, according to a SmartAsset report published in 2020. So, who’s in?

Here are the top cities where millennials can land great jobs and grow their net worth:

Nashville, Tennessee

There’s a reason why 13,027 millennials headed to Nashville in 2018.

The city boasts more affordable housing than many other candidate cities around the country.

The city’s arts and entertainment industry have global renown, from the Grand Ole…

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Entrepreneurs and some of the most powerful people in the world understand the need for personal branding.

We’ve watched them build empires off a solid personal brand (think Oprah, Richard Branson, Melinda Gates, Daymond John, Arianna Huffington and more).

This makes it all the more puzzling when my corporate peeps ask me if they should bother building a brand. The short answer: Yes.

If you’re in a traditional 9–5 job and are looking to pivot or have your career take off, the reason you may be stuck is because you haven’t built a personal brand. …

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Why is it that some people always seem to have job offers while others are chronically unemployed?

Although you might chalk it up to good luck, these 3 successful professionals (who landed jobs in less than 30 days) know it’s because they went against the grain.

These go-getters got crafty, went above and beyond, and successfully beat out the competition. Here’s how they did it.

Use Social Media

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Yarden Cohen was searching for new scenery and a new job in the Bay area.

Cohen was having a hard time securing the type of position she wanted. But that…

A career expert weighs in.

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In the age of Coronavirus, we’ve watched a booming economy take a complete turn in a matter of weeks. Millions of professionals are out of work and it’s left us collectively scratching our heads on what to do next. How do we move forward? Or just get back on our feet.

I’m talking to career experts around the country to answer some of the toughest questions we have in these weird times.

Joyel Crawford has been speaking and helping professionals for the last 20 years as a Certified Professional Career Coach and HR Learning &…

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For the first half of the year, I made the decision to spend more of my time thinking. This is actually very hard for me to do. And since the human experience is not entirely unique, I could assume the same for you too.

The thing is, I’m scatterbrained. And impulsive. I’ve wasted lots of time jumping at opportunities that look shiny at the moment only to lead to a dead end.

I’ve done this because I do not think.

Don’t get me wrong, I let things cross my mind. But real thinking takes time. And at the end of…

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From online and at the office, to dating apps and entire virtual worlds — these days, there are a million ways to find love.

But finding a significant other who’s in it for the long haul? Well, that’s damn near impossible.

In 2011, Cadene Russell and Mitch Brooks met during a fundraiser for President Obama’s re-election campaign. Since then they’ve been hard at work becoming the kind of power couple who actually deserve the moniker.

If anything, their professional titles — Chief Operating Officer at DSI and Litigation Associate at a prominent Washington, DC, law firm, respectively — might explain…

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A holy-grail list of job seeker resources.

A few nights ago, a friend messaged me to share that she had been laid off. I knew exactly what she was feeling: fear, despair, and overwhelm.

Facing insurmountable odds, where does one begin?

I felt her pain. Years ago, I was in the same exact spot. And instead of staying focused on creating a strategy, I spent my time wallowing in depression and shame.

But I wanted something different for my friend. Something much farther than the utter confusion and listlessness I experienced.

So I stayed up late and put together a…

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